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Topic Starter Doyce - Posted on Thursday, April 26 2012 09:30:01 PM
I was alerted to this site by Carnage, and after some reading, thought maybe I should post here.

Firstly, there have been a lot of people either try, or are in the process of trying, to build a gaming platform that harkens back to MPlayer. The most outspoken seem to be these people from "the hive". I wish them luck, but from the mulitple "release announcements" dating back quite a few years over your prodcut I've seen here, I'll assume you guys are hitting brick walls. And no, that is not an attack. That is experience.

Secondly, as Carnage made refernce to, yes, we at Dark Star have designed, and commissioned a new game client that is in full production now. Dark Star started out as a pure tournament league for CS:S, and while we enjoyed moderate success, we noticed a lot of us kept talking about the glory days of RB:6 on MPlayer. It was these talks that lead us to where we are today. After talks with anyone and everyone we knew that had money, we finally landed a solid investor. We finally found a software egnineer company out of New York that could do the client (most people we talked to said it was above them. I'm sorry, but a project this big can't be done by some college kid in his spare time.), worked out the legalities, and production began a few weeks ago. As I posted on the PCO site (really like that site, and signed up. I'll be playing me some cards there tonight!), I'd like to point out the four features of teh Dark Star client I think will really open some eyes here:

1) Basic GUI is somewhat based around the GameSpy model, which we feel was a more complex model than the MPlayer GUI. All game lobbies and user created rooms function much as the original MPlayer did, with game launch, room url/web cam hosting, VOIP, ect.

2) The chat utility is a modified version of the Steam/MPlayer model combined, with unique coding that allows text chat across separate games without a stand alone pop up window. In other words, chat from friends playing Chess will appear as regular chat inside checkers with you, with identifying color and moniker to allow the user to differentiate between ingame chat, and friend chat. Much like the Blizzard Real ID Friends system, the utility also allows for inter-game invite, meaning upon invite accept, the game client transports you from one game to the other, provided both users are able to play said game. The chat system also supports iOS, so you can keep your friends utility via mobile app.

3) The game client does support cross platform play and hosting. Although that aspect is something being brought online at a slower pace. It is much more complex coding, and requires unique work for each game. However, the technology is there, and this will be a highlight of Dark Star at next year's E3.

4) The game client does have a online distribution center being coded into it. To be honest, this is how Dark Star will generate revenue. We've been receiving a lot of interest in this aspect, more so from indie game developers, but also a few large name corporations outside the net of Valve's Steam. A lower commission for online game sales seems to be a strong selling point, as well as the enviorment for a more "word of mouth" advertising unique to the community build the client will create. Being that this is how Dark Star will actually make money, this means that the client application and hosting serives can remain free for the user base.

Complete production time is a 10 month time frame, and that includes all alpha phase (I'm sorry, but alpha testig is closed internal testing, so please don't ask), closed beta, and then a final open beta for stress testing. Dark Star will be showing the new client at E3 next year, with some overseas staff to cover a few conventions in Germany. Our corporate site is being built, but we've been in no major hurry as we've been more focused on logistics getting the client production underway, so if you'd like to keep tabs on updates with the Dark Star game client, you can follow it at the Dark Star Leagues site, as it's more "gamer friendly" than the corporae site will be. I'm in no way suggesting people go there and start registering for "beta keys". However, if you want to join that community, you are welcome to do that as well since we welcome all like minded gamers.

I'll try to come by this site, now that I'm aware of it, here and there to post updates if the community would like. Let the revolution begin....

Game on,


Doyce - Posted on Thursday, April 26 2012 11:48:05 PM
Link to the Dark Star client design:

There will be some changes in the final product, but this is the GUI design that was settled on within the Dark Star design staff.