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Topic Starter psd-designs - Posted on Saturday, April 28 2012 01:37:09 AM
Myleagues4u is looking for people that have a bit of back ground in testing software to join our open SDK system test this test will last 2 weeks before our system gos live.

a few screen shots:

download link:

Please note: this system is very new and may cause a standard Trojan warning when downloading installing because it is unknowing!. the file it self is 100% clean.

If any site owner's that are interested in renting this system when it gos live, the prices start as low £100 pounds per month, with free lifetime updates and support, custom branding options are also available for extra fee for more information please contact: [email protected]
psd-designs - Posted on Monday, April 30 2012 10:54:22 AM
Development update log #1
The public SDK is going well we found a number of small issues thanks to members spending a little time a day trying system we also updated our server core to allow for greater better speed for our audio servers.

We have scheduled the full release for the 4th of may if no major issues are found before then.

On a off note: I would also like to take this time to thank Dark Star for there kind words and we wish them all the best for the feature :) am looking forward to testing your system.
psd-designs - Posted on Saturday, June 23 2012 12:55:31 PM
Development update log #2

Well the open testing is completed and site is running nicely and were slowly getting a good user base registerd if anyone is interested in joining just head over to http:/

for them that are worried about it being virus just head over to following links to show our site and files are clean:



we hope to see some old faces soon :)
Jaydia - Posted on Sunday, February 3 2013 05:52:01 AM
I successfully downloaded the client. However, the registration form on the website doesn't work. Also, the "Make New Account" on the client doesn't work. Leads to a dead page. Did you give up on this project?
psd-designs - Posted on Sunday, February 3 2013 02:42:05 PM
please visit for latest setup thanks
psd-designs - Posted on Sunday, February 3 2013 02:46:32 PM

we are in process of updating our web server so our site is not fully working if you register a name it will work just it may not tell you that it was successful just try logging in it should work.

if you have any more trouble visit our facebook page @