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Topic Starter Fpath - Posted on Friday, June 15 2012 06:27:26 PM
The source code was leased to you to build your own service. None of you were ever given the right to resale the code. I have a list of those who leased the source that is owned by Fpath! If I were you I would cease and desist! The code has it's own finger print and i will come after you.
I hope you have a good attorney :) I suggest you read the terms of the sale. L3gacy I never sold you anything. As Simon said, the fingerprint within this code is unmistakable. I know the was passed around among some of you free but regardless the code was not sold for resale.

You bash the code all you like but it has one owner. Just in case you are to stupid to understand what I just said, read this.

Fpath Copyright
Hive-Gaming - Posted on Monday, June 18 2012 08:48:41 PM
I'm sorry where does L3gacy say anything about selling your software? If you would please take the time to read the post on this forum that would be great. The Hive Client is 100% owned and written by The Hive Network ( your software was done in pascal. So Please Stop! with your false accusations. I do believe he said he would give it away.

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Fpath - Posted on Friday, August 24 2012 04:00:58 AM
I would like to respond to a post I just read on the AVP forum. The statement made that Fpath somehow recived money for features that were never delivered is a lie. We only created a couple of features for a couple customers that was released to all Fpath customers by agreement. AVP was not one of those customers. They never worked closely with Fpath on anything. I know the big long post was made on those forums in 2009 but I wanted to clear that up. Regardless of what L3gacy or anyone thinks, this software has done well from It's beginnings . I would also like to add it gave more bang for the buck when users were ripped off at LivVe paying for lifetime accounts that vanished. Stan confermed Fpath was a direct threat by sicking his lawyers on me and then the demise of I will continue to offer software to people who are interested regardless of anyones opinion. I met much resistence from those who are jealous of what I have done. Thanks for all the free advertisement. I guess by now you see that people think for themselves. :) prepare for the second wave .