Topic - mplayer fails if rtp stream broke up

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Topic Starter tik0 - Posted on Wednesday, August 29 2012 09:07:27 PM
Hi fellows,

first of all: mplayer is a greate tool!

So I decided to do the following task with it:
I have a Push-To-Talk device from, which sends an RTP broadcast, when I push the button.
No I have my laptop here, and it has to play back this non-consecutivly RTP-Stream.
I use the following command:
mplayer.exe -demuxer rawaudio -rawaudio channels=1:rate=16000:format=0x20776172 rtp://

Now there occure two problems:
1. When I enter the command, and the device is not streaming, mplayer will just end with the message that there is no stream to recieve.
2. If I push the button of the device, so that there is an RTP-Stream bevor I start mplayer, the stream will be played back perfectly. BUT when I release the button, so that there is no more RTP stream, mplayer repeats the last RTP-Package unless I push the button again.

Do You know any solution for that? It would be nice to have an option, which lets mplayer only listen to the port and only play back, if there is something comming in.

Kind regards,