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Topic Starter mplayer-eu - Posted on Monday, January 7 2013 01:25:38 AM
After many years mplayer will return in 2013 in the form of using the original pop.x client from hearme we hope to bring the old feel and look of mplayer back to life.

we are in early process stages and are sorting our site and files but we are super excited and were not able to keep quiet.

if you like to talk more please feel to reply we love to hear from old mplayer users and get your ideas on how you like the site to run and be :)
korrupt - Posted on Monday, January 7 2013 01:54:57 AM
lol another one? how many do we, i dont see how you can even have the original server side pop.x client from hearme because hearme doesn't own it anymore and there is no way gamespy is giving it out. even if they did, its 13 year old technology. lol No offense, but from your post, im calling bs on this. so many have tried, everyone from individuals to companies, and they all have failed. Not only that, there is no market for it anyway. good luck though.
korrupt - Posted on Monday, January 7 2013 02:03:41 AM
just to add another thing, looking at the domain name, the registered owner is in the UK, mplayer was US based and was used mainly used by US users. Doesnt make sense. If this one you are saying you are making is in the UK, that would really suck for US based members.

And another thing, you already have 2 pretty good choices at the moment. The hive has already been working on their client and it looks really promising. You have MplayerPro who has created a social network and have a working temp chat client. Both of the above services have their own view on mplayer but still are doing a good job. And in todays market, a client is really a 50/50 thing, PC gaming is a dead cat now. Hell, even game advertisers on TV dont even add PC to the bottom next to xbox and ps3 anymore when they advertise new games. There is no market for PC gaming anymore, hence why a game matchmaking client such as mplayer would ultimately fail in todays world.

I hope the hive works out and they are successful, I just don't know how the public would react. I also wish MplayerPro good luck, they have a dif view and way of presenting their service in more of a social setting, minus a game matchmaker. Only time will tell. good luck though.
mplayer-eu - Posted on Monday, January 7 2013 02:23:24 AM
thanks for the good luck and thanks for the feed back and yes we know mplayer is out dated but we be updating it just a little and are tapping more into Retro Gaming side of things there is still a good market out there for old skool games like QUAKE/Diablo so on and of course spades and gammon is still very big and there was no better spades or gammon then mplayer games
Fpath - Posted on Thursday, January 24 2013 12:33:47 PM
Mplayer's nickname was Mlagger for those who remember that was actually on the service. It went from a congested gaming site to the very first social network in my opinion and branched out. I think Mplayer was never able to achieve its goal for gaming in a 56k world. People loved finding bugs, fight rooms and hanging out more than anything. At that time, les than 30% of the world had a T1 connection. Mplayer would been way better for gaming in 2013. It was way beyond its time. Game matchmaking is done buy the game now and was another plus for Mplayer.
Fpath - Posted on Thursday, January 24 2013 12:40:39 PM
The most popular games were the quake and rainbow six series. The card games were a very small % of people.