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Topic Starter Fpath - Posted on Thursday, January 24 2013 12:16:59 PM
It is great that all of these other sites are achieving thier goals creating a service similar to the old Mplayer software! Some even claiming they now own the original software.....

Fpath is pleased to announce v8.5 we have corrected issues with Windows 7 & 8 and edited the GUI with a new design. I started Fpath with the goal of creating a software that was affordable for all and still think we lead the race when it comes to price. The difference is our software is not a rental when you buy you own it! and is customized just for you!

In future updates we will offer social connection with facebook to make it easier to connect with others and promote your site. We will continue to work with other companies for multiplayer capabilities as well. Fpath Global is in the works and will be competitive in its own right.
Be the boss and own the software!
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L3gacy - Posted on Wednesday, January 30 2013 12:22:32 AM
I just laugh every time you post.
L3gacy - Posted on Wednesday, January 30 2013 12:24:44 AM
I have to ask... " Some even claiming they now own the original software....." Please tell me your not trying to say what I think you are. Would you please share who? I would love to hear this.
Fpath - Posted on Thursday, January 31 2013 02:33:19 PM
We laugh everytime we go to the bank after we read your post. L3gacy it is clear you have failed :)at being MPLAYER lol

As for a (service) looks like Simon got your number. Have fun competing with LivVe. The same software as Mplayer.

L3gacy "We are the true Mplayer replacement" lol
To this day, Fpath is the only replacment software people can own.
Fpath - Posted on Thursday, January 31 2013 02:55:42 PM
One other thing to the reader!

When we started selling Fpath software, we had no idea that people would buy our software trying to compete with each other to be the new Mplayer..or did we? lol

Therefore! we will accept some responsibility for the actions of the trolls on this messageboard.

I know that sounds big headed but! it is true.
L3gacy - Posted on Tuesday, February 5 2013 02:54:40 PM
lol, I bet you do.. Anyway Simon is a cool guy we have talked. We also have a mutual respect for each other and we wish him well. However I do find it funny... How does one have our number? We are building software from the group up by today's standards and code. Our software at its core will be just like Mplayer and so much more! We have so many things is the works for this client and are working with big people to boot. We have the REAL resources to make it happen..

Also what do you have? It's nothing more then a chat client that's it. what are real key features do you have other than third-party cam and a bad voice software. We've had that developed for over a year now and then some.

Look I'm not going t get in a pissing match with you.. It's a wast of my time.. Just enjoy what you have ATM :) Have a good day