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Topic Starter Mafia69 - Posted on Thursday, January 23 2014 05:08:02 AM
We have been hearing about this site since 2008. They bought a independent lisense from Livve networks and claim to bring back mplayer. Couple of buddies of mine tested there beta it was such in a wreck of a bug, looked like a bunch of dumb programmers open this one up. I guarontee a 99.9% failure for this one. They lead there little 15+ community on like its going to be something big lmao. What even so sad is everyone knows about speech and play, there has been better programs on the internet starting with steam. I feel sorry for the followers there and i hope they didn't expect much from a bunch of kids trying to get a 2nd income from dead beats. Peace....
1CorruptSociety - Posted on Saturday, January 25 2014 08:32:40 PM
Very intelligent post.........(#sarcasm)
Mafia69 - Posted on Saturday, January 25 2014 11:42:07 PM
Maybe i was a bit hostile on this post. I guess because we have seen so many fail at bringing the software back. Anyways sorry for what its worth. Hopefully mplayer does come back one of these days.
1CorruptSociety - Posted on Sunday, January 26 2014 12:10:59 AM
It's all good, I get your frustration dude. I've been waiting for a great gaming/chat community like Mplayer for a long long time. It's like never getting back to that one awesome high you got when you first did a narcotic you liked lol.

I mean there has been countless attempts at the re-creation of Mplayer and all have pretty well ended up failing..but I believe in order to succeed, a lot of times you must fall before climbing back up and achieving your goal.

I always thought Simon was very close with FC a few years back...but again, unfortunately it didnt work out. I think if nothing else, it was a tremendous learning curve/experience, and has only made the possibility stronger.

I have to tell you though from what i've seen in the past and what i see and hear currently occuring with Simon and MP Pro... this really does seem to be the closest to what I personally have been hoping for..the real deal gaming feel ! lol


Simon - Posted on Sunday, January 26 2014 03:13:14 AM
thanks 1CorruptSociety
1CorruptSociety - Posted on Sunday, January 26 2014 08:16:33 PM
No need to thank me Si.
It's how I feel and it's true.
(but you're welcome anyway lol)
TheObvious - Posted on Tuesday, January 28 2014 11:16:50 PM
Do not underestimate the determination of the quiet man.