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Topic Starter Fpath - Posted on Thursday, March 20 2014 08:24:18 PM
From the beginning until the end Mlagger struggled with bandwidth issues..remember this was 1996-2000 time period. Mlagger did not have issues with was getting millions to log on..well because of the bandwidth issue, I guess they did have an issue. I was there from the start until the end. Some days it worked most days you were setting there on 56k waiting for a 1 hour update to finish with boring music most likely because of a hack. Oh mplayer was riddled with hacks and was most of the reason for the huge crowd. People loved the lobby mic and getting chased and banned by a tech just to go and create another account and do it again. The game side of things was very cool..but I would say the bandwidth issue hurt game sales so the game companies began to create their own match making platform for each game that also separated their user from other games. Gamespy had the same issues and one bigger issue...everyone hated the design and wanted the old Mplayer back that never came. Now we have people promising the moon with the next best thing to Mplayer for gaming* Mplayer had plenty of funds and sponsors but! could not fix the lag even in 2014 where most people have cable you will still have lag issues and if by chance it goes crazy big..most people will just log into the game platform and play from there with teams-speak. I understand you must have hype to sell, but by the time you get done paying Simon for something he will not completely let you own..I would say your pocket will burn and you will not have to worry with bandwidth issues or* competing with the games own matchmaking platform. Its will be a well made chat system with audio and video with 50 users. I would look into social networking API before Social networking dies and the next big thing crushes your dreams even more Legacy.
Simon - Posted on Saturday, March 22 2014 10:51:58 AM
Nice to see you two Steve, please don't post things about my work saying ill not complete it on a public forum because that effects me and my day to day living and am also pretty sure that is defamation of character.

if you got a problem with me send it to a email not on a public forum thanks.

and on a other side note I hope you and your family are well not seen you around lately.
korrupt - Posted on Saturday, March 22 2014 09:15:38 PM
give it a rest Steve.