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Topic Starter HIVEGAMER - Posted on Monday, March 31 2014 02:33:37 PM
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We at are extremely happy with our new website update v1.0.4. The community loves it and we're happy it's finished and Live. Hive Gamer will continue celebrating it all week long by continuing to give the community FREE GAMES out of our HIVE Game Vault for every 100 Likes!
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korrupt - Posted on Tuesday, April 1 2014 07:20:13 PM
A bunch of vbulletin apps lol you go boys.
L3gacy - Posted on Sunday, April 20 2014 07:24:39 PM
@ korrupt... lol... Right..
"Going forward, We decided we wanted to keep the community a little more updated then we have in the past on the progress of our gaming client."

So I wanted to stop by and share the development blog/notes link to anyone in the community that's interested in following the development of The Hive Gaming client. here -

With that said we are currently accepting applications for both Alpha and Beta testing here -

We are also looking to increase the number of our community staff and have re-opened staff applications again here -

For your convenience you can login or create an account simply by using your facebook or steam accounts.

Stop by and see why we're called the True Mplayer Replacement!

InstaGib - Posted on Monday, April 21 2014 09:03:49 AM
You guys actually think you will be able to compete with the other guys that have the actual REAL software? C'mon now :/ Hive is just a recoded fpath. Everyone knows this lol
L3gacy - Posted on Monday, April 21 2014 04:01:01 PM
"You guys actually think you will be able to compete with the other guys that have the actual REAL software? C'mon now :/ Hive is just a recoded fpath. Everyone knows this lol"

Lol.. You guys kill me :)Honestly fpath is trash.. We bought the software and discarded it two weeks later and offered to give it to to the fake mplayer people. to your comment "Hive is just a recoded fpath" It's completely different scripting languages. As for the fake Mplayer guys. Why would we fear 15 year old software? That whole group is nothing but a bunch of posers and you're probably one of them. Their completely copy everything we're doing and running around like scattered mice. We let our community do the talking for us. Just sit back and enjoy the ride my friend :) It's going get interesting for you guys.
InstaGib - Posted on Monday, April 21 2014 07:51:31 PM
I find it funny how you associate everyone that does not agree with you as part of another group. Listen Josh, you make all these claims, your "client" has been proved to be fpath, there is no denying it. Hive a vbulletin with apps as the other poster said. But I guess all will be revealed when you release your client in the next 4 years.
Bestrafung - Posted on Monday, April 21 2014 10:18:41 PM
Ok, I tend to stay out of the debates and let L3gacy handle all of the Public Relations but there are some things I feel need to be set straight.

For starters, we do have a web development team behind us but everything we have needed out of our site so far has been accomplished through vbulletin and it's mods. Why pay additional costs to our web development team to reinvent the wheel, especially one so proven already? We've never denied that our site runs on vbulletin, but we haven't gone out of our way to tell everyone either.

As L3gacy said, when we first started out and were still looking for software developers we did purchase Fpath software for our AVPSource community. We never claimed it was anything else and it was complete garbage. It only worked on Window XP 32bit, anything else and you had to use compatibility settings and it was unstable. To add to that, the features of Fpath didn't even work properly in XP, we had a long thread on our forums of people finding weird "badwords" that were replaced by asterisks. We only used this software for a couple of weeks and honestly are still disappointed by how bad an investment it was.

Our new client has been coded from the ground up as a .NET application and should run on all versions of Windows from XP up to Win8.1. We are striving for the style to look similar to the original Mplayer and Fpath but that's all. Functionally it will do everything they did and more and will also have a plugin layer for further expansion. It is also being developed with multithreading and load balancing in mind to allow for much greater client connections. To compare it to Fpath is an insult to not only our community but especially to our software development team.

We have been working on this project for a long time and are trying to offer everyone a great product and comments like these are what we get in return. If you're going to attack us at least do your homework and find legitimate reasons to do so.
Tron - Posted on Monday, April 21 2014 10:59:56 PM
The fpath application was a joke. Agreed. However our real client software is a full .NET application as Bestrafung mentioned. Our release schedule is not public and we have held many internal alpha testing sessions for the last few years. The point is we won't put our real hand down on the table until we are ready. There is no competition out there because no one is going to deliver what we have planned. Our team has real jobs and this is our hobby. We are hoping to give our users the full experience they hope for with a solid foundation, and grow with their suggestions/needs.
InstaGib - Posted on Monday, April 21 2014 11:59:00 PM
Having Josh as your public relations contact? You should seriously reconsider that since his history is attacking others who are against his views. As many have said in the past, his way of "public relations" is unethical and an embarrassment to the tech community. This is a main reason why the hive is considered a joke and the self titled mplayer replacement has no weight. But as I mentioned before, we will see once and if you ever release compared to the others that are out there working on the same thing.

No offense but doing it as a hobby? Maybe some of you should just continue to deliver packages. Just a thought.
Saturation - Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014 12:39:10 AM
omg, not this again. Fpath and hive, this forums worst spammers.
TheObvious - Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014 02:57:25 AM
the hive is poo poo.
L3gacy - Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014 04:49:02 AM
@ InstaGib

First, this will be the absolute last time I reply to anything you post on. You're nothing but a troll.. That runs his mouth with nothing but lies and has zero to back it up with. You literally just said that our software was an Fpath ripoff. Had you taken the time to look you would've scene that it was a completely different language. Secondly I don't understand.. DO you want me to congratulate you for stocking my Facebook page? Am I supposed to be intimidated by the fact you know my first name? Or anything else that I put out in social media? I'm not...I could care less.. I have nothing to hide like someone apparently.

In fact if you're going to make such accusations. "I propose taking this approach" for example this is how I would go about it.

Truth be told I'm only putting my energy into this to set the record straight once and for all. So the community is fully aware of how they/you try and bully people, and just show how over all how sorry of a group of individuals you truly are.
You literally just openly spread lies without even thinking about anything that you're saying. Anyone can see this from reading these few post you just made. Getting back to my point.. You said and I quote

"You should seriously reconsider that since his history is attacking others who are against his views. As many have said in the past, his way of "public relations" is unethical and an embarrassment to the tech community."

Keep in mind that the above statement is from the same group of people. "MplayerPro"

A little bit of a background on who these guys really are..

All Mplayerpro does is bully other developers that are trying to make a mplayer like client.. they are also trying to look like the old mplayer and trick people into joining what appears to be official. They like to yell their copyright holders... This Is total BS.. and it's a flat out Lie! you are not anything close to official! You're nothing but rip offs... I laugh as I add features to our website only to see you follow behind in our shadows...

Here is MplayerPro telling a developer he must stop because they own an old leased version of livve software

The E-mail I got from the developer

John <j***************.com> wrote:
Yes I got a message from mplayerpro saying that the mplayer portraits are his that he owns them, that he is the copyright holder. And told me to delete and remove my stuff on my deviantart page, even though I seen your client screen shots with mplayer portraits for the chat client, now who owns what. My client had the portraits and I coded it myself, and he acted like it was his work and his property. I want to know whats going on really because I programmed it and he just wasted my time.


But before you guys decided to claim you were official. I got this e-mail form the very owner of MplayerPro...

Kevin <[email protected]> wrote:
We have created a gaming social network based on the original mplayer service and would like to get information regarding either a partnership or possibly licensing out the hive software. Ive noticed there hasnt been any updates on the progress of the software so im hoping you can assist in providing any information regarding this inquiry.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from you soon.



After I basically turned him down and decline his offer. Months later I to get an e-mail saying how I need to remove things that he now owns Mplayer and all rights blah, blah, blah, fortunately for me I worked at Mplayer and I know exactly what software he has. He has an old out of date leased version of livve software and server. After Gamespy acquired Mplayer they leased the software out to help recuperate some of the money they spent on Mplayer. However they only leased it for a few years and then raised it to a enormous amount a year. Thus killing the livve community..

What followed was a stupid PR feud between Hive Gamer and hive Mplayerpro most of it was pure slander and lies by Mplayerpro and the dark star community that joined up with him. Eventually they had a falling. After that happend I ended up getting another e-mail from the owner of Mplayerpro. basically tell me out wasn't working out with Dark Star etc etc, and he was sorry. I told him that he could have the Fpath software I owned if he wanted it but it was a piece of shit.. Naturally Fpath developer got all but sore about it and threatened to sue us and said it was only license to us. So I sent Kevin a reply letting him know what fpath had said I and get this e-mail



Thanks for the reply. I didn't want fpath anyway after all the tons of negative reviews of it. Terrible setup. I was mere
L3gacy - Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014 04:49:58 AM
grr Seen*
L3gacy - Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014 04:50:39 AM


Thanks for the reply. I didn't want fpath anyway after all the tons of negative reviews of it. Terrible setup. I was merely making contact with you guys to mend past words we have had. Apparently there was a misunderstanding. Not only that, those guys at Dark Star seemed a bit shady, So I dropped them, since then, there site has been dead. Strange really. I hope we can help each other out in the future and start off on a better foot.


However unfortunately here we are again today why? I thought we agreed you do your thing we'll do our thing and may best man win. But you're back to your challenge tactics and trying to troll me into another PR war it's not going to happend.. You claim your professionals let's see you act like it.

So there you have it.. Personally I don't care where you end up.. I just hope in the end it rekindles that memorable feeling your all desperately looking for. And if you find the you've come to the end of that path and it's not what you're looking for.. I invite you to check us out.. You'll be surprised.

Again I'm done with the subject!
Saturation - Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014 02:43:52 PM this whole thread is a joke.
InstaGib - Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014 02:53:16 PM
See!? I disagree with his views and he says I'm with a particular group because of it! A pattern consistent with his past practice as mentioned before. And with that book of a post he made shows a nerve was struck.

Easily predictable and trying to throw the community off with it. Nice try there, it's already to late. You've clearly shown and represented hive as a hobby run by unprofessional and unethical business practices which has already painted a negative picture in the public eye. Good job!
TheObvious - Posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014 07:26:07 PM
If anything, if you guys merge your talents together you could be unstoppable. But you guys have to fuss. Guys just work together! The market is there, merge together and go for it.
TheObvious - Posted on Wednesday, April 23 2014 01:09:31 AM
"As for the fake Mplayer guys."

Who are the real Mplayer guys?
L3gacy - Posted on Wednesday, April 23 2014 02:40:02 AM
@ TheObvious

Unfortunately no one, Mplayer is gone.
TheObvious - Posted on Wednesday, April 23 2014 06:48:39 AM
well maybe they will resurrect?