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Topic Starter alphamarshan - Posted on Sunday, April 27 2014 09:15:38 PM
Hey guys, I was an avid mplayer Quake 1 player, like a lot of you. When Plus came out, there was a ranking system that I still remember to this day... does anyone have a list of the rankings and know where I can find the icons as well?

Here's as close to how it looked as I can remember, from lowest to highest:

1. Loose Cannon - 1 foot
2. Trooper - 2 feet
3. ??? - a chevron on top of 1 foot
4. Assassin - 2 chevrons
5. Reaper - a chevron on top of a shield
6. Warrior - a large shield
7. Centurion - hard to explain but 4 arrows pointing in
8. Titan - a cross inside of an egg
9. Immortal - a buzzsaw
10. Diety - a diamond

Sound about right?

I remember I was a warrior and my brother was a centurion. The only person I remember legitimately having an immortal rank was ST Hideyuki, and then beneath that were several WS (WestSide), ST (Seismic Threat), HX (Hells eXpress) and other guys.

I remember nobody legimately had a diety ranking until people started abusing the system. Some players would challenge others to a 1v1 in House of Chithon, only to find that the other guy had an extremely fast connection and would queue up early, grab the rocket launcher and start spawn killing until the other person gave up and disconnected, helping his rank grow.

Anyway, if anyone could help me out that'd be great!