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Topic Starter L3gacy - Posted on Tuesday, May 6 2014 10:53:11 PM
"We are going to change the way you play PC games online!" - L3gacy

"In Development" For the past 4 years The Hive Network (THN) has been developing it's own Mplayer like social & gaming client, in remembrance of the old Mplayer. Code Named, "The Hive", will set its own path and destiny for the 21st-century bringing not only familiarity but also innovative design and much more. At its core, "The Hive" has the familiarity of the old Mplayer. But don't let that fool you, as our client is packed with new features and abilities and will make its own path in history.

You can read more about our client here.

Dev's Notes :

At this time we are taking applications for alpha testers. You can create an account in simply seconds by using your Steam or Facebook account. Or, if you prefer, traditional registration is also available.

After you create an account simply click on the Help Wanted tab located at the top left of the Hive Gamer website. Then select a career path you are interested in pursuing.

Saturation - Posted on Wednesday, May 7 2014 07:14:46 PM
no one cares. stop spamming the same crap over and over again. Start calling you Fpath Jr.
ScottishGing3r - Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2014 06:45:24 PM
So yep, I finally got to see what all the fuss was about and how he is.

Small run down, I was asked to remove a logo from my Sig that is CLEARLY a gaming site that hosts League of Legends a game that he does not host I might add. I was like wow really and all and told him whatever. Well he called it advertising but SMART people call it NETWORKING. For one I am NOT making a client and for two we don't play or even plan to run events for outdated games or games that are fucking retarded such as Chiv yes its a newer game but the mindset of the game is dated.

Be for warned I was pissed when I wrote the msg's back to him so I grammar was tossed out the door.
Oh and btw he claims hes worried im gunna steal his members from a client that does not exist yet and from a player base that is non-existent and for the record there has been nothing going on, on his site for MONTHS and nothing on his teamspeak for at least a month now, yes there are people who gather on his TS (max 8) to play games but that is about it. An progress on his "client" is just a copy of fpath coding and codec. If the owner of Fpath wants proof I got it for ya photos and all of the client's front end and backend. How I got it will remain a mystery to you HiveGamer because one of your "Trusted" persons let it leak. :)

So without further ado here is what was said. -Enjoy. :)

HG.L3gacy: Hey bub your not going to be able to use that sig.

EvG Scottish Ginger: why not?

HG.L3gacy: I'll nee dto ask you to remove it pease
HG.L3gacy: lol do you really have to ask that?

EvG Scottish Ginger: Because im a gaming clan? rly

HG.L3gacy: Its a lot more then that
HG.L3gacy: it's a League and your doing more or less the samething Hivegamer is doing.
HG.L3gacy: Im sorry its a conflict of interest

EvG Scottish Ginger: lol wow, we run events for LEAGUE OF LEGENDS not anything to do with fucking chiverlry
EvG Scottish Ginger: wow

HG.L3gacy: chiv?

EvG Scottish Ginger: unfucking beliveable

HG.L3gacy: we run all types of games
HG.L3gacy: ok ... if you can't see the problem with this.. I"m not going to get in an argument with you.

EvG Scottish Ginger: hmm 2 games u have ran

HG.L3gacy: please just remove it.

EvG Scottish Ginger: whatever

HG.L3gacy: A little professionalism would be nice. I was very nice when I asked and I also feel its a legit request.
HG.L3gacy: Its not just you. I even had the TWL guy remove his and we sponsor them with servers

EvG Scottish Ginger: Its a bullshit rquest you been out for 2 years while I been running events for my group for 12+ years we have NOTHING to do with your games and we are infact just a gamign community why happens to host events every once in a while. You so scared of people creating competiton that your scaring others away from your site hmmmm unfucking real dude, you cant go around doing that shit you know that right bc if for one you have TAX id your trying to monopolize and if you know as well as I do that is illegal in the united states buddy.

HG.L3gacy: We just don't allow any 3rd party advertisement
HG.L3gacy: wow...
HG.L3gacy: yea...

EvG Scottish Ginger: Tech its not advertismentits showing I run a gaming group that plays in events and tournaments world wide.
HG.L3gacy: Again, we do not allow any third party advertisements from within our website. If I was in fact worried like you say I am why would I have had you as a staff member?

HG.L3gacy: You literally linked a banner to your sig that was over 600 pixels. Ididn't go create an account on your website and link a banner on it to HiveGaming. Because clearly we didn't want to take any of your community menbers.

HG.L3gacy: Furthermore, I love competition. It's what drives me. You clearly have no idea what we have going on over here because you're never around. At this point I'll accept your resignation from staff and I apologize for any miscommunication or hard feelings.

EvG Scottish Ginger: i can give a fuckless if you did, we support ALL gaming communties its called NETWORKING

EvG Scottish Ginger: if you look at our site we ahve OTHERS who do the same exact shit we do as far as events for the SAME GAME

EvG Scottish Ginger: called getting your name out there and known!

HG.L3gacy: We simply requested that you follow the rules of our community and you have a problem with that. We're sorry and we understand if you feel you can no longer be a part of what we're trying to do.

EvG Scottish Ginger: An i accept your a douche hat like everyone has said on and I am also going to let IGN know that your are stealing their IP by using their designs. :)

EvG Scottish Ginger: Fuck with best die like the rest :)

HG.L3gacy: First off, we're not stealing any designs. You do what you feel you must. I will log this chat and I think people will see who the "douche" is.

TL:DR; Douche hat complains about a banner to my gaming site and news site, Douche hat becomes butthurt and is sc
Bestrafung - Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2014 07:27:19 PM
Ok, here we go again. L3gacy simply asked you to use a different signature. As he stated, we offer the same services for multiple games. Yes we currently only offer events for two titles but that is because of staffing. We fully intend to include other titles as time progresses. I can't say whether or not League of Legends would be one of those or not but it's beside the point. He very courteously asked you to remove the signature and you were nasty about it. Your entire attitude and language was the reason things went as far as they did.

We actually have weekly events as well as the ability to scrimmage at any time. People come in and out of Teamspeak all the time. If you were around more you would know that. You are simply trying to discredit our community by convincing people that it's dead and there is nothing going on.

As far as your comment regarding a "leak" and us copying Fpath and other software, you are completely wrong. There have been multiple complete rewrites of our software over the years, hence the reason it's still in development. The review articles on our network of sites all use the images from the first prototype which was loosely based on Fpath. Since then there have been many changes both in design and function which only three people have access to. Most of the development behind our software is private and we have only shared small amounts of information via the developer's blog.

Many people have tried to claim that because we still have outdated images on the website or because we once (very briefly) used a rebranded Fpath for temporarily testing that it's all we have. The truth is we have modern software completely rewritten from the ground up. You may choose to believe that or not. There is too much competition and too much else going on to worry about posting working code examples or updated images until we are ready to do so.

It really surprises me that some people have nothing better to do with their time than to resort to things like this.
ScottishGing3r - Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2014 07:28:26 PM
I know I said that was my lost post, but for shits and giggles and to show yall my site and it has nothing to do with any type of shit he is doing. :) -Enjoy
Btw my link back would have given him more hits and views to his site. Look at the site stats at the bottom. :)
Bestrafung - Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2014 07:33:14 PM
I'm sorry, I need to make a correction. With everything going on I couldn't even think properly. Our software has always been based on Mplayer never Fpath. When I said it was "loosely based on Fpath" earlier what I meant was that since Fpath looked similar to Mplayer our client in turn somewhat looked like Fpath when in reality it was just based on Mplayer.
ScottishGing3r - Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2014 09:05:33 PM
You need to just step back and INSERT FOOT INTO MOUTH, finally we hear something that is NOT a lie and you admit that you are still using Fpath's coding! :)

Can we get a round of drinks to celebrate this moment in history, lord all mighty he finally tells the truth!
Saturation - Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2014 09:36:16 PM
Wow lol another negative impact on hive. So hive must be Steve from fpath. Rebranded! Hahahah
Bestrafung - Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2014 09:46:11 PM
You really can't help yourself, can you?

I said exactly what I meant to say. It was only after posting my response and rereading it that I realized it could be misinterpreted. What I meant originally was that the look was loosely based on Fpath only in the way that Fpath looked like Mplayer. We have posted multiple times detailing our software history. Since day one our software has been custom coded in .NET and has only looked like Mplayer and clones.

Fpath was the largest steaming pile of crap I have ever seen. It was written in a dead language by a Russian and translated to English. There were several translation issues. To add to that it didn't even work on anything newer than Windows 2000 and XP. It was a joke and to think anyone would bother to still use or even try to modify it shows how little you know. It's also a huge insult to our coders who have spent a lot of time working on this project.

I also want to point out, since I didn't address it earlier, that nothing you said outside of quoting the Steam message was true. There isn't even a "backend" for you to have images of. The server component of our software in development is still largely manually controlled through code changes and so on. The only images you could have are of the client itself which you could only get from L3gacy or myself. Furthermore, if you actually had images of the "backend" or client as you claim you would never post them because it would prove everything we have already said.

I understand your upset and bitter because you were asked to remove your signature but it was basically a huge billboard for your site. It was a massive 600 pixels, that's as big or bigger than any image we use on the entire site. Add to that it was advertising a competitive site.

It still baffles us that people would join a Mplayer community and hassle any group striving to bring that experience back.

TLDR; You were asked to remove/replace a huge banner in your sig, you refused, got nasty and started cursing the site admin. You were removed from staff and now you're bitter and want to make us look bad. Normally we wouldn't care but we don't want anyone else getting the wrong ideas. It's up to them to believe whatever they want, I just hope they keep in mind why you're saying what you're saying. If you keep it up you already sent us your personal information for situations such as this and we will not hesitate to slap you with a defamation of character or other lawsuit as needed.
ScottishGing3r - Posted on Tuesday, May 13 2014 09:58:57 PM
Hahahaha, you always resort to "Lawsuit" when your backed into a corner. Explain something to me how is it defamation of charterer when everyone is saying the same thing about you guys over and over and over and over again, maybe the common denominator is YOU, maybe YOU need to look at yourself and evaluate what your saying and why people constantly run into the same problems with you guys.

Food for thought. Go ahead and slap me with a lawsuit, you have no water to hold in that empty glass of yours. You are a joke and everyone else see's it. - Good Luck with your lawsuit buddy, I will be waiting. :)
L3gacy - Posted on Wednesday, May 14 2014 09:00:16 AM