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Topic Starter Simon - Posted on Tuesday, May 27 2014 12:56:05 PM
I been cleaning out my development hard drive from all my past work such as:

LIvVE4u Client - Best clone of mplayer to date with a lot of the core features mplayer had.

PlayGround Client - A pre test system for LIvVE4u client with many of the same features but with a much cut down interface.

** I will also supple all the custom web scripts used for payment processing and account management.

It be a shame to let them systems go to waste so if anyone is interested in buying the source files for one of the above systems just send me a email to:

[email protected]

all the systems are designed in delphi xe 2 but should work with other versions the systems are designed from the ground up (not fpath) and well documented.

Please don't offer silly prices give my work some credit thanks.
L3gacy - Posted on Monday, June 16 2014 08:28:19 PM
Lol.... looking for ways to offset the cost of the 75,000 Facebook Likes you guys paid for.. lol, oh man.... You guys crack me up.

Good Lucky with all that. :)
Saturation - Posted on Tuesday, June 17 2014 09:14:48 PM
good lord you are so negative, give it a rest for once and accept competition in a positive way. It makes you both look good. Why bother hijacking a thread...
TheObvious - Posted on Wednesday, June 18 2014 06:46:59 PM
L3gacy, you seem very professional, but their facebook likes are least of your worries.
L3gacy - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 02:33:41 PM
L3gacy, you seem very professional, but their facebook likes are least of your worries.

Nothing about them worries me. I think its funny and sad at the same time. I've never seen a team blatantly rip off other peoples work like this before. Then act like they are the old Mplayer people. They are a special breed of people. They even went as fair as to trademark the name Mplayer. All based off "Livve" leased version. Keyword "Livve" not "Mplayer"

Everything about them is fake.
Saturation - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 02:55:10 PM
Im a firm believer of opinion. However, as you mentioned, they have the actual software, whether its livve, mplayer arabia etc. its THE software. No one else can get it as the software was not owned by gamespy. So they have a real advantage with that, especially if they have been getting it all updated. Seems pretty real to me.

I hope you both do well with your products, i just dislike the negative you portray all the time with anyone who is doing the very same thing as you. gets old.
TheObvious - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 03:00:31 PM
they are really trademarked? Well, if they are, calling them the fake Mplayer is pretty silly at this point.
L3gacy - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 03:09:55 PM
No, I welcome "Real" competition, however they are not in my eyes. I'll not get into the legal ramifications of it but you're wrong about the software part.

Should I look at a team that has just paid for 75,000 Likes as competition? Nope I don't believe so. I just want the community to see how fake they are seeing how they like to try and smear our good name. Fair is Fair.
Saturation - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 03:27:24 PM
any competition is real competition. however, you speak of smear, that is all you are doing. attempting to smear without facts. speaking of legal ramification...
L3gacy - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 03:35:40 PM
lol they have stats on facebook you can look at.. It goes from 12 to 75,000 in one day. what facts do I need? their website don't even have 50 Reg users... lol

I know exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you.. :)
Saturation - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 03:46:30 PM
if all you have is facebook likes and users on a forum i feel bad for you. As you said yourself, they have the software. Which in fact is the full source, as every other entity that licensed it back in the day received.

But hey, whatever makes you feel better ;)
InstaGib - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 03:49:32 PM
they got the original software?? lol omg, yea they will win this battle.
L3gacy - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 03:54:07 PM
haha how many account names do you have? We all know this site is not that popular..

lol... I done... this is silly... you need help bro

L3gacy - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 03:54:26 PM
InstaGib - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 03:56:12 PM
If you are speaking to me, then I have one name, lol I can see you are up to your antics again though haha
Simon - Posted on Thursday, June 19 2014 04:00:12 PM
your too funny mate, but no just wanting to sell some stuff it be a shame just to delete it all after all the hours I put into it :), but thanks for the smiles your too funny at times hope your having a good day
Mafia69 - Posted on Tuesday, July 8 2014 02:31:17 AM
I have already given up on both and Hive gaming client. You people need to just stfu already its getting stupid... have a good one.. I guess you guys come here to argue about what has been, and will never be again. Teasing people about some software that will never exist. What a shame...
Phyre - Posted on Wednesday, July 9 2014 01:57:35 PM
I agree mafia. It's all a bunch of bullshit.
L3gacy - Posted on Thursday, July 10 2014 10:43:22 PM
I have no idea about the fake site. I can tell you what we are doing is very real. You can follow our progress here: You guys have to understand these things take time. Especially if you're writing your own software from the ground up. We have posted videos and screenshots of our software multiple times. I can assure you we are very real.

I just despise the way the fake mplayer try to play it off as if they are the real thing.. Its sad to try and build a fan base off of someone else's work.. No Class IMO. Besides we're not just giving you Mplayer back. We're doing a lot more then that.
Simon - Posted on Friday, July 11 2014 12:00:33 AM
Nice blog looks like you been very busy :), well like yourself we been working too busy update mplayer server core to support 64-bit servers.

logs can also be found here;

I have also added a nice screen shot of server software we have updated and there almost ready to deploy to our co-location :), things take time when you have millions of dollars worth of code ;)