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Topic Starter Simon - Posted on Wednesday, January 14 2015 12:19:38 AM
Am currently looking to increase my small EBT team, so if any of you are interested and have a small background in testing applications then head over to and fill in the form.
Simon - Posted on Thursday, March 26 2015 11:26:07 PM
Well been busy here at Mplayer we been rebuilding the client from the ground up using original source files as a guide line all is coming along nicely and we are still in need of testers so if you got a bit of from time and would like to help crash and general cause havoc to our system all in the hope to find bugs then feel free to sign up for EBT at

also here a screen shot of rooms not 100% recoded yet a lot of work is still needed :)
ClownGod - Posted on Tuesday, May 12 2015 08:11:38 AM
sent you the form filled out.... trying to catch up to faster, so that maybe we can do GREAT things... I miss days of old, and very much so this client is still needed for the gaming MASSES, and also for the chat world.

I am an original mplayer user for chat, and (q1 + q2)
Where i stand now has me dying to jump at this opportunity. Please, i am very universal to what you seek,,,,,, NOT TO MENTION: I know alot about how the lobby mic was being used by non-sage users. I know tons about the general flaw of the original client ... anywho.... i filled it out, and wanting to hear back without ... THANKS AGAIN BROTHER!