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Topic Starter InSaNo-SF - Posted on Sunday, May 17 2015 02:53:29 AM
The forums are down, when will they be back up? Any updates on Is this the real deal or is it fake? :\
Kevin - Posted on Monday, May 18 2015 07:52:39 AM
We are integrating the forums with the new user db for the service, that is the reason why its down. You can stay up to do date by signing up to the newsletter and keep an eye on the facebook page.

The landing page has all the links. You can also see real time ebt user numbers and service status from the landing page as well.
Mafia69 - Posted on Sunday, June 7 2015 06:05:49 AM
Nobody cares anymore Kevin, the site is fake and they are just bringing back people for epic fail. Ive stop following, stick a folk in it good luck mplayer it was fun. The End. Peace.
Simon - Posted on Saturday, June 20 2015 02:26:43 PM
Hello just quick post to say I posted some new screen shots and we are still wanting EBT people :).

head over to facebook group to see images and post

this will be last post on here from us all official posts will be via our facebook page so don't miss out join the group today. :)
Fpath - Posted on Monday, January 4 2016 04:31:59 PM
It takes a lot of time and money to make things like this happen and is one of the reasons Fpath closed on the software side. Keep in mind that the code is being reworked for today's standards, it will take some time to get it right. Be patient! I believe these guys will come through. I will defiantly join and be a member. I'm glad to see this Simon! You have been at this longer than anyone else. Good job!

Weered - Posted on Sunday, January 24 2016 10:46:30 PM
Well well. Sage-McArthur, it has been, 15 years. This is Sage-Greenday/Assistance. Send me a message [email protected]


Mcarthur - Posted on Monday, July 25 2016 12:35:44 AM
Hey Steve or Theif and Smash you was never Sage - Mcarthur
Why you run and tell everyone that all the time you even about got me kicked off Mplayer a a Sage but it back fired on you Ann banned you for your running my Name and logging on my Account so let's tell the truth