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Topic Starter jimjulian - Posted on Tuesday, February 23 2016 02:23:56 AM

Couldn't find a forum for this, but I'm also new to mplayer.
My interest stems from being dissatisfied with the interlaced dvds I've been buying. I grew up in the '50's and 60's and the interlace artifacts are very reminiscent of the tv scanlines on the old crt sets. My first thought was "What a step backward!"
Subsequently, I've been studying the problem and available technology for dealing with the artifacts.
So far, mplayer seems to hold the most promise. I'm not familiar enough with contemporary media to know, but is interlacing common or just common on cheap dvds? Would Blu-Ray have the same problem?
The initial reason for my email is this: it's not enough I buy dvds with artifacts, Netflix has at least one series, Charmed, that is transmitted with artifacts. If I do a screen capture of a Netflix series and apply deinterlacing techniques, will it work?
Specifically, I was thinking about mencoder.

Thank you