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Topic Starter Mcarthur - Posted on Friday, July 22 2016 03:13:17 PM
I have been online with a few on mplayer and yes it's back want everyone to go and sign up and be welcomed back to the
Old Mplayer
Hope to see you online
Aka Sage-Mcarthur
Mcarthur - Posted on Sunday, July 24 2016 11:45:56 AM
The site Mplayer is
Yes it's up in beta and you can. Make your Account now the sooner the better.
If I start this Topic all I ask is not trash talking and bashing on what this site is going to do and yes it's in hands of great programmers and very smart Men that do Bussiness not acting like kids.
Thank you Mcarthur
Fpath - Posted on Tuesday, December 6 2016 03:06:30 PM
Sage-McArthur was my brother..whoever posted this is riding his leg and a fake.