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Topic Starter MachiavellianUK - Posted on Wednesday, September 28 2016 07:30:58 PM

I used quite a few names on Mplayer (June 1999- November 2000).

I used: 'UK Player';'Evil Limey'; 'MachiavellianUK'; ... and a few other names.

It was a very different time, a time when freedom of speech was respected, and people knew what to expect in a '18+' room.

Fight Rooms today would be politically correct and sterile, I'm afraid, but it's nice to reminisce...

Anyway, I now live in the United States, and am married to a wonderful American woman. It's very ironical as I used to be a 'Pompous Brit', and said some rather silly things about the USA (but it was all banter). I used the UK flag as my avatar.

Great times, I've matured somewhat... but I'll always be a kid at heart (I suppose).

"Hello!" to anyone who remembers me!