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Topic Starter anonymous - Posted on Saturday, March 18 2006 12:29:00 PM
You know a lot of people have been working hard.. Lasso is now gone from the client so please come visit us.. I mean there are a lot of people working hard to support it and get it going on March 20th the client will be released to public Beta... come and support us... I seen a lot of negative affects and words twords lasso but be garunteed she is not in the program over there no more.
anonymous - Posted on Sunday, March 26 2006 03:27:00 PM

Poor random..i hear they banned all the wiz's what a buncha go in the lobby and ask a simple question like "is there going to be a event on monday because I heard all the wiz's left" and he banned the user that said it...wtffffffff...You people really need to get a life! 4 real!

anonymous - Posted on Sunday, March 26 2006 11:50:00 PM

Random doesn't own MPlayerLive. He doesn't run/control...etc MPlayerLive. He is there for assistants and has done an extraordinary job. If you guys want to get your panties in a bunch more, please do it else where. I'm sure this site is tired of you guys cranking out the rumor mills. There have been too numerous to mention.
<br/>Let's see, supposedly we've been sued, we don't actually exist, we're tech's for the government spying on the U.S. population, we own many of the other services....etc. All complete nonsense.
<br/>Keep MPlayerLive out of your mouth and stop with the nonsense rumors. Please go get a life before you make garbage up because you don't make as much $$$ as we do. <img src="" alt=":)" title="smile!" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" />

anonymous - Posted on Thursday, March 30 2006 07:07:00 AM

Yah ..move over..the line is all the way down the street to get funny i never see any &quot;paying&quot; users over there ...i do believe they all left...better count your change $$$$...more like daddy is financing two lil boys playground ...daddy probably doesn't know his boys are idiots. lol

anonymous - Posted on Tuesday, March 21 2006 11:47:00 PM
lol it wasn't because you had anything to do with her leaving..she left on her own due to the disorganization and shoddy run should be so lucky as to have spelling bee champion...and to think you ran off yoda is another sad thought..what a bunch of morons you
LaSs0 - Posted on Wednesday, March 22 2006 10:13:00 AM

How bout let's let Lasso speak for herself...<img src="" alt=":)" title="smile!" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" /> Aimtron is correct...I did leave on my own accord..nothing to do with Aim or anyone else that is affiliated with the mpl site..I made myself quite clear that my position in the insurance field required me to relocate to disaster areas such as Katrina and Wilma. Which was the MAIN reason. Unfortunately, it came at a bad time as far as our relationship went. I have no ill feelings for the MPL staff. I have moved on and don't feel I owe anyone an apology. I regret to say that it didn't work out and that's that...thanks for the memories. Been Swell! TATA! and all that far as I am concerned this subject is and has been over...and why I my name is still &quot;rolling off the tongues&quot; of the &quot;anonymous&quot; users is quite I really didn't know I had such a fan club. Laff! Carry on!
<br/>P.S. As far as lulla is concerned I refuse to comment as I don't know what went on and nor do I care. That issue is for her to discuss, not I.

anonymous - Posted on Thursday, March 30 2006 07:03:00 AM

LOL LOSERS! good thing he doesn't own it would be in welfare line the way he runs in check there aj and waylon ..yer boy is a control freak..pull your heads out and see that he is not good for business nor does he have good customer service skills...he is merely a puppet with a right click and boot and ban feature that he boys really need to pay closer attention to what is going on around you..
<br/><img src="" alt=":)" title="smile!" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" />

anonymous - Posted on Friday, April 14 2006 05:04:00 AM
lol dork
anonymous - Posted on Thursday, March 30 2006 12:14:00 PM

First, I'm not Waylon or AJ. Second, we fund our operation off our paying users. That means entire costs, hosting, servers..etc. Datacenters aren't cheap. The usual average ratio of paying customers to total customers on say...livve for instance is 1/6 or about 16%, the same rule applies for MPL. Take our total # of users signed up (available on right side of website) and multiply by .16 and you'll have a rough estimate as to how many paying users we have. You've obviously not paid attention or never signed on our service. We usually have 5-10 more paying users than free accounts signed on in any given lobby or event. Keep up the old work. As for Random, he's a nice guy who has helped alot, but he was moved away from being the intermediary member between the owners and the programs. I don't think he's &quot;bad news&quot; as he's only brought in users, not tried to get them to quit like a few. I'd like to also note that those users who leave, always seem to come back <img src="" alt="8)" title="mad laugh" longdesc="" height="28" width="28" />
<br/>So post all you want, but none of what you say is true. Oh, and the last post shows you know nothing about MPL if you didn't realize there are 3 owners and that we have a significant amount of paying users. Get a life outside of the internet, grow up, and act older than 12.
<br/>Thank you,

anonymous - Posted on Wednesday, March 22 2006 01:46:00 AM

First post doesn't speak for mplayerlive. Lasso left on her own accord due to nothing having to do with structure. Yoda/Lulla left because she felt MPlayerLive was run by males, and it is. The owners are males, much like any service. She didn't like that she was not mentioned in a simple email and rather than take it up with the appropriate people, decided to try to get a bunch of users to resign. I really did like Lulla up till that point. I had trusted in her and had asked of her only what she was willing. Initially I didn't believe the reports about Lulla as I've been a long time supporter of her on MPL service. Unfortunately, 2 days prior, we began logging all Sage/Wizard activity including conversations, and I was rather devestated (spelling?) to find out she was trying to get the women of MPL to quit. After all I had done for her and all the good things I had to say about her, I felt betrayed. QuakeIICentral, if you want these two, you can have them. Neither of them have apologized for their behavior, especially Lulla to me and me reading that log, it was uncalled for. My suggestion to you QuakeIICentral is that if you want more than 3-5 users on at a given time, you select more able people that not only have experience (which these two had), but people who can admit when they've done something wrong. MPL Does not = Drama. We don't do the he said/she said, we log and find out the truth. We don't hop into the lives of our users, but we do expect our wizards/sages to conduct themselves appropriately and to not lie or pretend as though they have done nothing wrong. I personally am a VERY forgiving person, and not so much for Lasso, but for Yoda/Lulla, I'm just at a loss for words. I was never a volunteer for any of the fueding sites nor did I ever care about the ridiculous fighting, but this whole thing is pathetic. Fueds were stopped a couple topics ago, please let these new ones end as well.
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anonymous - Posted on Sunday, March 26 2006 03:24:00 PM
MPL is a joke, random is a 40 year old virg.