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Topic Starter anonymous - Posted on Wednesday, April 19 2006 12:41:00 PM

I just heard from a friend that a user on started a rumor that I died in a plane crash in GA. I have been out of town and have not been online in the chat rooms and this person really thought this and was telling everybody!....
<br/>HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I LMFAO when I heard this. Just so you know I am alive and well and sales @ are stable $-lol-$ anyway the person who started this rumor needs a life!
<br/> I had no idea that anyone would take the time out of the day to track my plane crash and spoof the spooky news across chat systems. very weird!
<br/>Steve Blevins

anonymous - Posted on Wednesday, April 19 2006 02:05:00 PM
A false rumor on a chat service? that's impossible! I'm going to write a letter to my congressman so they can look into it.
anonymous - Posted on Wednesday, April 19 2006 04:08:00 PM

Just an excuse to get some publicity for TrashPath.... Give it up, LiVVe owns FTrash. At least it doesn't rely solely on 1 pc for everything. Get a life Steve and advertise the traditional way and not this &quot;I'll make up a reason to advertise&quot; method. Absolute Garbage.

anonymous - Posted on Monday, June 5 2006 12:46:00 PM

You're a redneck who is so inbred that you're practically everyone's 2nd cousin's dog's child's left testicle, twice removed from your uncle Bob's side of the family having an affair with your Aunt who is actually your mom once removed!
<br/>That's some f*cked up sh*t. Get a life Steve, noone cares about you. <img src="" alt=":)" title="smile!" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" /> Have a Nice Day

anonymous - Posted on Tuesday, May 2 2006 02:59:00 PM
Steve is a riddle locked inside an enigma who kinda looked like the ass-end of a dog in that pic that used to be on fplayer's site.
anonymous - Posted on Sunday, June 25 2006 09:14:00 AM

You must care to take the time to type some immature crap like that. I bet you do well in life ..people must like you allot! You know they say when you act out in a way like that you are only showing insecuritys that you have hidden deep in the closet and most people see right through you. Do yourself a favor and get a life ..maybe a friend or 2 if you are lucky and a shrink may help with the &quot;Jelousy&quot; you have toward Fpath software and Steve it's just weird.
<br/>In other words grow up.
<br/><img src="" alt=":grin:" title="grin" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" />

anonymous - Posted on Thursday, April 20 2006 11:06:00 PM
Will you make sure to get that letter notarized please?
anonymous - Posted on Sunday, April 23 2006 06:23:00 PM

i saw this, and it reminded me of steve blevins: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<br/>except that girl is hot, who knows if steve is even a girl...

anonymous - Posted on Thursday, June 1 2006 02:25:00 PM
Gosh Im so popular hurry more..more..
anonymous - Posted on Saturday, April 22 2006 09:07:00 AM

I'll do as I please thank you now go sit on your thumb and spin.

anonymous - Posted on Saturday, April 22 2006 12:37:00 PM
I guess he won't be getting that letter notarized....That's what happens when you spread your own rumors though lmao.
Fpath - Posted on Friday, June 15 2012 08:06:40 PM
:) jealousy is a bitch..