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Topic Starter CoolGuy720 - Posted on Friday, October 6 2006 04:41:00 AM
i used to be a really active member of Mplayer, does anyone know how get on touch with old members,
cookiepie0 - Posted on Tuesday, January 2 2007 11:30:00 PM

id like to know where all the old members went to also... i was a member back in the later 90's.... i heard paltalk and yahoo have many, then there is msn and aol ... but was the best .... it really sucked when gamespy took over .... anybody who used to know acushlacait or cookiepie0 and whohasmybutn please find cait at paltalk, i miss my mplayer the old <img src="" alt=":(" title="sad" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" /><img src="" alt=":(" title="sad" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" /><img src="" alt=":(" title="sad" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" /><img src="" alt=":(" title="sad" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" /><img src="" alt=":(" title="sad" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" /><img src="" alt=":(" title="sad" longdesc="" height="20" width="20" />

jazzyjewel - Posted on Saturday, January 6 2007 07:23:00 PM
Why did they take down MPlayer? It was the best nights of my adult life. I would put the kids to bed and go online until 2 in the morning chatting and playing. I miss the fun!!! I met my husband now on MPlayer in the poker rooms. I don't understand why the ended a perfectly good thing!!!
stubby - Posted on Sunday, October 8 2006 11:03:00 PM

Hey I used to be really active on Mplayer back in the 90's ..I just tried to go to the site and come to find out it's gone<img src="" alt=":zz:" title="zz" longdesc="" height="23" width="25" />Itt really saddens me because I met so many neat people there and it was a really cool place to hang out even though I caused alot of trouble alot of times for ghosting room and stupid stuff that got me banned from the site numerous times, I still had alot of good times also..I hope u get in touch with old members and maybe Mplayer will come back some day<img src="" alt="8)" title="mad laugh" longdesc="" height="28" width="28" />

Neolight - Posted on Thursday, January 11 2007 10:52:00 AM

I was back in the 90's
<br/>God damn do I miss it.

jagkris2000 - Posted on Saturday, November 17 2007 04:28:44 PM
There is a few old mplayer people that play at

Anyone remember JAG? if so does anyone know what happened to poppy JAG?
jenny_love_73 - Posted on Tuesday, December 18 2007 12:23:58 AM
hey remember me i miss that dran old mplayer. i have resenty goten the net back in my life and everything is gone looking for blond lady and ozzieman miss you all very much have so much i would like to tell you all and to thank you for helping me leave my husband. i have totaly diffrent and happier life i would love to share with old friends. so get the old darn thing back and running if you all rember me please e male me at [email protected]
Sirlaw - Posted on Thursday, December 20 2007 07:15:42 PM
I tooooo was there... I remember my check I got in the mail for winning a tourn. Only hope somthing like Mplayer comes back...
AoD_Messiah - Posted on Monday, May 5 2008 04:44:48 AM
AoD_Messiah - Posted on Monday, May 5 2008 04:45:00 AM
I WAS ON MPLAYER TO ONE OF THE WORLD GREATS GAMER AOD_Messiah aka AOD_Firegod,Fear_Cobra,god i miss it.
TH1EF - Posted on Thursday, June 12 2008 12:44:51 PM
TH1EF aka HIT-TH1EF aka sKs-dead0n aka AOD-Thief aka MOD-TH1EF aka Wizard-Smash aka Wizard-Vlad
Quake/QTF 1996 Rainbow SiX

Creator of
Cybertec - Posted on Monday, June 23 2008 03:11:40 AM
I was Cybertec on Mplayer and held the Terminal Velocity Tournament. From that "The Terminal Clan" was created an i still going to this day.

One of the first and bigges full scale clan wars took place in that time frame. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me, or played Terminal Velocity or Death drome from the HEAT player, similar to Mplayer in that day.

Much love to all the old Mplayer members.
wyatt - Posted on Wednesday, June 25 2008 11:20:13 PM
My name on Mplayer was Dudeboy, and I was either in the chat area, spades, checkers, or poker.
PrincessAtreyu - Posted on Monday, June 30 2008 02:16:32 AM
I miss a bunch of people. I was mostly in Spades and the leagues, MCL, RGL, etc. etc. and backgammon
PILMAN - Posted on Saturday, September 13 2008 04:18:31 AM
I had the following names

0 00-Hellb0y-KoS

PILMAN10 was my first name, registered in 1997, I used to go in the teen chat as I was about 11 years old at the time, first heard about Mplayer from a game called Red Alert if I recall and that got me hooked on Quake. Pedophiles used to roam the Teen chats and people just fooled around. I don't know if anyone knows me but HearMe-Thunder banned me back in the day :-P
Thunder - Posted on Sunday, September 14 2008 02:18:39 PM
well you were a pain i must say! lol
Braganca - Posted on Sunday, September 14 2008 08:29:11 PM
Many of Us have gone to other sites and trying to create the look and feel of old Mplayer. there are a few infact I just have added a gaming site that Looks and feels like Mplayer.. There was another Mplayer gaming called Livve BUT for the past 4 months they have been down... our site we just created is at
OTD-Zeus - Posted on Sunday, October 19 2008 05:45:48 PM
Beware its just another flash chat site that was purchased from fpath and not anything like mplayer at all.
majorkim - Posted on Tuesday, November 4 2008 04:18:01 AM
Hey I used to be really active on Mplayer back in the 90's

I miss that site! I was so sad when it went offline, I had the best time and I had alot of viewers too! My rooms were over full!
CAJUNCUTIE443 - Posted on Tuesday, November 18 2008 02:33:14 AM
Hi all ,
I was a long time member of Mplayer and Livve. I am sure no one remembers me though, Just thought I would drop by and say Hi.
Fpath - Posted on Tuesday, November 25 2008 07:41:44 PM
All Mplayer Gamers "Wizard-Smash here" aka TH1EF aka dogfall aka -ganKer-

Come check out I think you will find it very interesting.
We have no game licence with any major companies
but we do have the resources to create a community like the old mplayer for you and clan members.
Check it out
playswstrangers - Posted on Tuesday, November 25 2008 10:43:04 PM
I was a member of mplayer, gamespy and livve -- I miss the timed playing. Where are people playing now?
BLISS - Posted on Saturday, November 29 2008 02:40:30 PM
Ditto on all of the above statements. Used to love the extremely relaxed atmosphere.

Anyone who knows a guy that used to call himself Haggis from around 1997 to 2000 please let me know, dying to get in contact with the old mountain man!!!
jakethesnake - Posted on Wednesday, December 3 2008 04:18:38 AM
I've seen Haggis on Paltalk but I don't know if he's there anymore. He used to hang in "insults" room. You can do a search.
un4givenchat - Posted on Saturday, December 6 2008 10:13:19 AM
Are you ready for the revolution of new chat?
Flash chat is here.Gchats Visichat is a live video chat community that connects you with people
from around the world. Connecting is easy with public and private chat rooms. With breakthrough
video and voice technology which gives you a real and natural experience.
CaZZ - Posted on Saturday, February 6 2010 10:35:57 PM
Man do I miss Mplayer .. I had a zillion names and a zillion freinds . Now I cannot find anyone anymore. I went by the name CaZZ , CaZZaNoVa , Nova , P.A.E_CaZZ-187 , and a bunch of other CaZZ names .. If anyone remembers me and want to chat hit me up on fubar under the name EightiezJunkie or find me on face book Eightiezjunkie or Shaun Rutherford .. Later !!!
humbled2do_good - Posted on Monday, May 3 2010 08:29:17 PM
just wanted say, I also missed the whole set. It became my life...was really going through some hard times then and you dont have any idea how much it carried me through. I dont have it all together but my head is much clearer now. The mistakes I made in the years I cant change them, but I can make better decision for today and even better ones tomorrow. Really missed you all. Just/Eternal now= humbled to do good.
Deapclear - Posted on Thursday, July 22 2010 08:58:20 PM
Hey guys, I too was a extreme player... From Blood, Armymen, Quake, etc.. I do miss the times of the 90s, but with xbox/xbox360 out there, i have found peace again. i play halo 3 like an addict and love it...

I think what happen with mplayer was about $$$$.. They were making money from ad's and gold memberships.. but they wanted more due to the econmy and their location in Silcon Valley CA... I was part of a group of people that took advantage of poor programming skills.. Made a program called MIT- Mplayer Internet Tools when i was 15 in Visual Basic that would create sage accoutns and wizard accoutns, make permant rooms and other things..

Times were great untill i recieved a certified letter from Mpath stating that if i continued my actions, i would be dealt with.. thats when i backed off... There was another kid by the name of Skream9/Node9.. This kid lives with his step mother in canada and is currently wanted to be talked too with the FBI for his actions on running and creating havoc by over taking incoming phone calls for large companys and altering fire systems at chilli restraunts. You can google pranknet and laugh at what happen to him..

Mplayer was awsome, i miss it.. but its 2010 and theres better things to do these day.

I'll be checking back on this forum at some point..

clan 191
191 clan
911 clan
WC Clan
Wicked Clowns
Blood the game
WC Deapclear
monterey18 - Posted on Friday, August 6 2010 07:42:02 PM
Anyone remember monterey18? I miss my old friends like (evil red) (vic), (Jennifer happy), (AAA),(son of sam)

I mostly stayed in the "Fight rooms"

[email protected]
PooBlood - Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 07:40:22 PM
Hey all,

One of my handles was PooBlood. I worked @ Mplayer for over 3yrs, before they turned to that POS service: HearME.

Recently I reconnected with some old Mplayer folks. I'm hopeing to reconnect with more of you guys! Or have one of you get back to me, (you know who you are).

Yes Mplayer was a great thing, it really was. As with any online chat service, you'll have a group of folks that are attention starved and what to "hack" the service and what not, (which really wasn't that hard to do, let's be honest). It really was a great service with a STRONG sense of community. The only online service that can even come close to comparing is STEAM, (minus the interaction with other members).

But for some reason, "they", decided to just cut off support and let Mplayer slowly bleed itself out. HearMe was supposed to be the new baby. But I really was PISSED off when the powers that be simply turned their backs on the Mplayer community and launched HearMe. I can't begin to express how we all felt when the new management pulled the plugged.

But, it would be interesting to rehash some of those days with you guys. :-)


AKA-PooBlood,AKA-Pax Imperialis
L3gacy - Posted on Monday, August 30 2010 09:57:27 PM
(Mplayer Lost and Found)Link below

PCO_DAWN - Posted on Wednesday, September 1 2010 02:20:46 PM
If you are looking for MPLAYER and Livve spade players, most are hanging out and playing in

usually after 7pm is when its prime time, and if you stop in you might find some old players.most are using the same names

Friday nites we have some of the singers from those sites.

The chatters are scattered all over , Ill give JAY a plug here lol hes got a few of the adult lobby chatters at his site byf.

Odds are you can find everyone on Facebook lol

wicked clown, I knew ya hahahhaha

MathiasTCK - Posted on Saturday, September 25 2010 02:33:18 PM
Dagnabit, I was idle and got logged out, I do hate re writing lost text.

I loved MPlayer! It's which I chose this SN. Loved Spades, but I joined the TCK gaming clan to play Forsaken, and Redline. Hilfiggy, Terminator, Hitman, you out there? I lost track of the TCK types.

Before MPlayer I played some Warcraft 2 on And MPlayer always competed for me with Starcraft Custom maps, which had a lot of the same functionality as MPlayer, and you could make a Map to recreate any board or strategy game you wanted. Still a fan of those, and am still playing Warcraft 3 custom maps, specifically DOTA, to this day.

But Mplayer had that secret sauce, that I feel still needs to be recreated. I'd love to see it's major services on iPad or Android.

It ran the gamut of games, and gamer personalities. It had a lot of the features of your major social networks, and they all were well tuned to finding games, making friends, and chatting while you wait for a game to start ;-)

robth81 - Posted on Friday, October 1 2010 09:24:21 AM
I played rainbowsix years ago, Mplayer was quite fun. Handle was Tiger or Karma, I used both. I was on old teams like TFR TDR DFA f2b CuF tsm and some other really old teams. Do people still play r6 or a version of it? I was 15 when I was playing it back then :P
xxJennyJonesxx - Posted on Sunday, October 10 2010 01:16:09 AM
hey this is Jenny Jones. Anyone know where we could start up new fight rooms. Loved them.
Does anyone know how to contact old regulars of fightroms?
I am ready, just set it up and get old gang together

Your nightmare from hell
Nikki..Nikki - Posted on Monday, November 1 2010 02:27:04 PM
I am one of the original players of mplayer. Use to play Spades mostly. I discovered a site called gamingpeak. Many mplayer players there, go check it out.
lakelandcowboy - Posted on Monday, December 13 2010 01:26:38 AM
i had a room on there for years had so many friends i usually called it cowboys room or room for nice people was always packed i miss it alot i on aol as lakelandcowboy if u know me
partygirlyo - Posted on Tuesday, April 26 2011 04:03:22 PM
I was a little addicted to Mplayer.. lol.. was so fun.. I was partygirlyo69 there and "hung" with WARNINGFIRE... anyone remember me?? if so i am on yahoo.. ariel418628 does anyone know where WARNINGFIRE (david) is? lol
lilmiss - Posted on Saturday, June 4 2011 01:05:10 AM
well I'll be !!!! I recognise a few names ...and Im the same, best site ever, shame it closed, was one of the last on lol....big bird, takeinaim, ostiman, milkshakebaby1000 , highlander56,oh gawd, too many others ....
CaRnAGe-SF - Posted on Wednesday, April 25 2012 05:41:50 AM
I loved the old days in MPlayer....</3

There are several people/organizations working on similar clients, trying to recreate MPlayer. However, we've been following these guys at

I played an MMO called Asheron's Call, and one of the people I used to fight is one of the founders of the Dark Star project. They call it a project, since it's a client that has functions from MPlayer, GameSpy, Steam, and Blizzard.

Their client has it's own online distribution system for games, a "real friends ID" feature that allows text chat over separate games with an instant invite feature. All the community features that MPlayer had with it's chat utility, except it's coded for iOS, so you can take it with you via your iPhone through an app. They even are implementing code that allows cross platform play.

They are lucky, in that their investor is a fellow game geek, and has made a metric crap ton of money, and funds them hardcore. I love talking to Doyce (he's the guy I met in AC) about their client. It's funny because he gets like a kid due to the excitement. And to be honest, he gets me excited over it as well. They are very cool people. They sponsored our clan after they saw our CS:S team stomping opponents in the RGA leagues.

They are on schedule to have a full launch in 10 months, and that time includes all alpha phase internal testing, closed beta testing, and open beta to stress test their servers. In other words, they have their act together. I know they are already planning to go to Las Vegas next year for GameCon with their client.

Check them out. They have a seriously nice client they are building, and honestly, no one else can even touch it with it's functionality.
psd-designs - Posted on Thursday, April 26 2012 08:30:03 PM
CaRnAGe, oo your following me i hope you don't follow me into bathroom mind ha, and pilman i remember you :)
GMCman - Posted on Sunday, May 6 2012 09:25:21 AM
Mplayer was the best, I think mainly as there was nothing else like it back in the 90's. You could get kicked out of a chat room, reset your PC clock forward an hour and go back in! :D

It was also the best place to play one of the greatest games ever made - Blood
DnomyarLlebpmac - Posted on Saturday, November 3 2012 12:37:01 AM
Cajun Lady, I remember you and Sherry,.....Ray
balded - Posted on Thursday, February 7 2013 04:31:57 AM
Mplayer was the most fun I ever had on the internet. I miss it a lot. I played poker all the time back in the 90s. My username was balded. Anybody remember me? I've been trying to find something like it ever since.
1Rebel - Posted on Friday, February 8 2013 12:42:45 AM
I dont know abouthe chatters, but the leagues went to paradisechatonline or pco for short. There isa site embarking on putting the old livve/mplayer games and software back together called to keep updated look them up in facebook in search put live4u then select the one with the world icon not the dice
1Rebel - Posted on Friday, February 8 2013 12:48:05 AM
I saw some leagues here so let me introduce myslef.. sorry for not doing so.. I've used this nick for so long i forgot i was known by other nicks, even thos they actually are close ot the other nicks..

I was...

any of you leaguets out there that dont know we are still outthere. you can currently find us on
Colts1 - Posted on Sunday, June 16 2013 06:27:04 PM
Just seeing if anyone remembers this name from the late 90's till closing. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]
Daddyphatsackz - Posted on Wednesday, October 16 2013 07:34:04 PM
Damn, I thought this program dropped off the face of the earth! Man, I miss this program! I've searched for this program 4ever. As a young guy I spent many a night meeting people and gaming with them. Such a great atmosphere on Mplayer. Wish they would bring it back.
SuP3R14_0men - Posted on Thursday, October 17 2013 07:59:53 AM

It actually is coming back...Gamespy went under and sold the rights back to Mplayer!
Katman - Posted on Sunday, July 26 2015 07:45:50 AM
I was active in, I sure miss it.
Use to play Quake2 a lot there..
I also was in Rose's chat room a lot also.

I mainly gone by the nick Katman
SleepinBare - Posted on Friday, January 29 2016 02:30:55 AM
o.k. people if any of you can see this YES IT IS COMING BACK..........start up should start This Jan. 31 st 2016
DilligafAu - Posted on Saturday, March 5 2016 02:18:32 AM
Hi Guys n Gals. I was a member years ago of this fantastic site. I had a few names Baldy balls or baldy I think I used.. Well, Gee IT has been a long time. I still remember Sky castle Not sure if he is still on the planet or not. We used to chat on yahoo at times and keep in touch but lost touch after a while. Might go thru the list of old members and see who was there to shake the old memory up a little.. hahaha.
DilligafAu - Posted on Saturday, March 5 2016 04:44:14 AM
I would try in one of your chat programs like yahoo. MSN or any of them types. Put in name of Friend who you had on your List back then, You maybe lucky enough to score a few. Best I can think of at present, hope it helps you. Mr Mackey was one I remember and Sky Castle,.
JJD226 - Posted on Saturday, August 12 2017 06:53:16 PM
I was addicted to late night mplayer chat rooms. Met some great people back in 2000-2001. My name back then was Savanna or RRSavannaRR...couple other names but can't remember. I do remember HMan, Cutedad, Mikayla, Scotty2Hotty, Souljaboy. It was sad when it went away.
MathiasTCK - Posted on Tuesday, May 2 2023 05:25:07 AM
I came back to check on this thread. I bought a new Macbook Air M1 on sale on Best Buy recently, and tried playing Starcraft 2 when I checked it out. I mention this because I split my time between Starcraft 1 and, back in the day. It did a good job playing 1 level of Starcraft 2 but I had more fun playing the new Starcraft 1 remake, Stacraft Cartoonified:

I'm gonna have to get a bigger monitor to keep playing Starcaft 2, but Starcraft Cartoonified looks great on the laptop.

My next step is to see what Starcraft 1 custom maps still get played.