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I would like to thank Mark for creating this site! It helps others who really loved mplayer to see other options on the board besides I was a mplayer rat myself hooked on the gaming I was there from the start. When the service was bought out I used gsa for a bit and then went to europe like others did it was never the same to me. So I was invited to help on and screwed over by Stan ,IronMan ,Chef Jeff Dan lol@Dan and others because of the game played "all about the power and whos got it" I told Stan that I was going to start a software that was in the same theme and give folks a way to start a community without being stepped on by wannabes. The sad part of the marketing idea was that people would live in drama for sure on this site and this was the only way they could keep it a float! as long as people wanted to fight ,cause other problems and have the need to have power on the site it would keep them going and make them money? the bad part was It ran most of the good paying customers off 0_O. From Mplayer millions to Livve hundreds tells the story wow could those hear me people make a sale!. So I created Fpath ! Allot of you have attacked me in many ways because i started the software and was even threatened by stan to go to court but no legs to stand on left him with a big mouth to run with no back up. The bashing and attacks on this software that in fact is an evolution of mplayer has helped me so much you would not believe bad PR is good advertisement! and I would like to thank all you LegRiders that have been apart of the assault. You have made Fpath grow!
<br/>To the folks who just wanted a place like livve and mplayer and have paid for the software thanks and good luck I hope you enjoy what a bad experience with people caused me to do create Fpath.
<br/>The new version will have many updates and be even better ! <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<br/>Fplayer is no more and was a great way to get the word out about this software.
<br/>Thanks Again
<br/>If I can be of help please check us out! <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <img src="" alt="8)" title="mad laugh" longdesc="" height="28" width="28" />