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Topic Starter LaSs0 - Posted on Thursday, March 16 2006 01:31:00 AM
can we move on?
BattieChick - Posted on Saturday, July 12 2008 08:11:51 AM
Hi Lasso aka Roundemup . We meet again. cool. Livve closed . . I'm at a loss. I drop by PCO and some other place called bringyourfont but I go kicking and screaming the whole way. I'm an old fart, set in my old fashioned of 9 whole years of doing this chat sh*t for over 9 years and anyways Ive been reading this site that I happened to run accross from doing the google thing and look! I found ya. Ha . Cool. What in the f%ck is are so many of these ppl well nevermind that, strike that half assed statement.
Hi just saying hi. and for what its worth, hugz, lol I remember back in the old timey days @ Mplayer there was someone who had a screen name. . it was ihatehugs. . haha I used to love that name. I always have wanted to make a screen name like this: ihatelol. Cuz I want whoever invented the lol term to be shot with a blunt bullet. How else would one laugh? silently? F%ck. But I never did make the ihatelol screen name up cuz I didn't think it'd go over so well with other ppl. haha

C ya

p.s. 8O I couldn't believe what I was seeing/reading on another one of these pages .. ppl were even talking about kissy and my god she is over at paltalk. . but maybe I didn't realize the date of all the ppl's posts or whatever, but maybe not. My God. Up all them ppl's butts. . the ones bad mouthing you. Screw them.