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Topic Starter jackobannon - Posted on Friday, July 6 2007 02:08:56 PM
Background: My clients all use proprietary Windows apps. One of the apps
converts a video file from a really proprietary format to AVI. When viewed
after the conversion (by either WMP or mplayer) the aspect ratio is set at
4:3 but should be at least 16:9, preferrably 8:3.

I can stretch the picture using mplayer, like so:

For 16:9 I use:
mencoder -ovc copy -force-avi-aspect 1.77777 original.avi -o test.avi

and when test.avi is viewed in mplayer it looks ok but, of course, WMP is too
stupid to read the header info. Evidently xine and VLC media player are, too,
since ONLY mplayer will play test.avi with the corrected aspect ratio. The
other players all see the original 4:3. What is the best way to change the
aspect ratio of the file so that it looks the same to any player?