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Topic Starter Thunder - Posted on Saturday, September 15 2007 07:48:17 AM
Just letting everyone know that sumthing really big is coming soon if you loved mplayer this is right up you road no mpath/mplayerlive/ or other site software this is 100% what you want ;)

keep your eyes posted here
JJ_OH - Posted on Friday, September 28 2007 02:12:48 PM
can we have a hint? It would make it more exciting.
JJ_OH - Posted on Thursday, October 25 2007 10:32:31 PM
see it was nothing
jagkris2000 - Posted on Saturday, November 17 2007 04:18:28 PM
i use to play at old mplayer and loved it. Anyone remember JAG?

Anyone know what happened to poppy?
Kom-b - Posted on Thursday, August 14 2008 04:14:20 PM
update ?
Thunder - Posted on Sunday, August 24 2008 08:01:15 AM
update we are still working on project and are looking for beta testers :)