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Topic Starter Thunder - Posted on Saturday, November 10 2007 12:55:13 PM
Well here the big news sorry its been abit late we been working hard on afew things the software is still not ready for public release however feel free to visit us and join the forum for up coming news.

We will allso be selecting afew people to become pre alpha tester's to our software please beaware that not everyone will become testers this is down to how active or helpful people are on the forum!

we hope to see you all there very soon

jagkris2000 - Posted on Saturday, November 17 2007 04:20:59 PM
How do you become beta testers?
Thunder - Posted on Monday, November 19 2007 04:52:18 AM
join the forum and be active and show your interest in the project! easy :)
TheDudeAbides - Posted on Wednesday, November 21 2007 04:22:15 PM
It's kinda ugly though. Not sayin it doesn't work, but 95 anyone? Make it prettier please and fix/finish your site, it scares me.
Thunder - Posted on Thursday, November 22 2007 07:54:48 AM
lol, look are not top on our list right now we have alot of work ahead of us and looks/skins are way down on the list of things to do right now.

system is all standard and for that reason it runs on both xp and vista with out the need to edit the program run settings.

things are coming along nicely and the relesse of public client will be late 2008.

website will be updated soon thank you for the feed back :)
JJ_OH - Posted on Thursday, November 22 2007 11:14:23 AM
Seems kind of odd to announce something like that which won't be released for a year. i know beta testing itself generates buzz, but it's kinda hard with all the competitors out already not in beta mode. whats gonna set this apart from competitors even when it launches?
Thunder - Posted on Friday, November 23 2007 02:35:56 AM
The reason why we done that is to get few people on go so we can select our beta team ;) but the client itself is a closed beta and not available to public untill next year this is so we can get a bug free system as there allways new systems out but there so full of errors and bugs there no point even installing them.

and paltalk is to much like msn crapy! we want to deliver a real option that is like our old beloved mplayer but with more up to date functions and options of course ;)
JJ_OH - Posted on Saturday, December 8 2007 01:09:26 PM
is this made with the fpath software?
Thunder - Posted on Sunday, December 9 2007 09:23:18 AM
lol no its a new system fully new ;)